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After over thirty years of research and development, Never-Ending Grace has recently been launched as a Christian faith-based not for profit 501(c)(3) corporation. The Corporation is purchasing property where we will focus on creating sites known as “ComeUNITY Center’s” that will combine housing, state-of-the-art medical care, educational opportunities, and job training all under one roof for those in need throughout the Milwaukee area.  


The job training opportunities will include a large variety of different career path choices from hospitality, retail, the trades, and an extensive aquaponics and agricultural program. Those completing the job training will be assisted in finding careers where they can be able to be independent and live a fulfilling life. Many of the job training sites will be available to the public to visit, shop, or use the services where we are training individuals.  


Each ComeUNITY Center will feature one of the most unique venues ever seen! Created and designed by a seasoned professional with experience working in the movie and film industry, and other destination sites throughout the country, everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens will be able to enjoy both an educational and recreational experience while being entertained by a variety of artists and merchants, year-round.  


The ComeUNITY Centers are projected to be one of the Midwest’s most unique destination points as well as a model for others to follow. Each Center will be reaching out to individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds, no matter their religious beliefs, or ethnic background, offering each person the opportunity to change and rebuild their lives for a brighter future.  


Want to become part of this awesome project?  We would love to talk and share more with you. 

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