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Chief Financial Officer

Please note: Never-Ending Grace Corporation is a faith-based organization committed to following the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in God’s Word, the Bible.  Our mission is to treat everyone with the love of Jesus. 

General Job Description

The Chief Financial Officer is the highest financial officer within the Corporation involved with making financial decisions on how the Corporation operates financially. The CFO reports directly to the CEO. The Chief Financial Officer will direct and oversee the financial activities for the Corporation, direct the preparation of current financial reports and summaries, and create forecasts predicting future growth.  

The Chief Financial Officer of Never-Ending Grace Corporation must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance in addition to earning accounting certificates. A master’s degree in business administration is a bonus. At least 3 years’ experience in non-profit financial leadership is preferred.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Chief Financial Officer will:

  • Agree with Never-Ending Grace Corporation’s Purpose, Mission, and Statement of Faith, and adhere to the goals and philosophies of the Corporation.

  • Implement Baker Tilly’s Sage Intacct financial software.

  • Work with the CEO to establish and carry out Corporation financial procedures, goals, and policies.

  • Work with the CEO to direct and oversee the Corporation’s budgetary and financial activities.

  • Manage general financial activities associated with each Tribe’s provision of services and any related products.

  • Consult with the Chairman of the Board of Director’s, the CEO, and staff leaders regarding general financial operations.

  • Recommend the appointment of financial staff positions.

  • Analyze performance indicators, financial statements and reports from the various programs operating within each Tribe.

  • Consult with the CEO and Corporation President in Identifying areas within the Corporation where costs can be reduced, while improving programs, performance, and policies.

  • Explore different avenues for funding, evaluating potential risks and rewards for each opportunity.

Desirable Qualities

  • Superior communication skills (oral and written) to be able to discuss issues when negotiating persuasively and clearly with staff while being able to explain decisions and policies clearly and precisely to those both outside and within the Corporation.

  • The ability to speak and teach publicly.  

  • Top decision-making skills in financial management and in establishing policies while assessing various options and selecting the best course of action from a Biblical view.

  • Outstanding leadership skills for a growing Corporation while coordinating resources, policies, and staff.

  • A Kingdom centered problem solver.

  • Initiative taker.

  • Management skills to direct and shape Corporation financial operations including managing budgets, business plans and staff.

  • Enthusiastic, dynamic, flexible, organized, and collaborative.

  • Problem-solving skills for identifying and resolving financial organizational issues, recognizing shortcomings, and carrying out solutions within the guidelines of Biblical principles.

  • Time-management skills for completing multiple tasks at the same time and usually under their own direction to make sure that the work gets done and meet goals.

  • Able to work independently.

  • Entrepreneur Spirit

  • Ability to apply successful fundraising, grant application, and networking techniques.

  • An analytical mind capable of “out-of-the-box” thinking to solve problems.

  • Good Chief Financial Officers must enjoy working in high-pressure situations and thrive under stress. They’re responsible for making financial decisions about how the Corporation operates.  The successful Chief Financial Officer will also need to have a high level of personal accountability and responsibility for their actions in order to make wise decisions about the financial direction of the Corporation. Good Chief Financial Officers have a logical mindset that helps them predict the result of their actions and envision the results of various choices about branding and logistics. They’re able to be objective and make hard decisions about both staffing and business plans from a financial perspective.

  • Desired Spiritual Gifting: Administrator, Server, Teacher


The Chief Financial Officer for Never-Ending Grace Corporation is responsible to the Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors, directing financial operational decisions to increase the strategic outreach. The CFO provides financial leadership and guidance for Never-Ending Grace Corporation. The CFO will establish and maintain working relationships with the financial community, business partners, and community financial leaders. The CFO will oversee the financial make-up of the Tribes and their staffs.

It is the policy of Never-Ending Grace Corporation that qualified individuals with disabilities are not discriminated against because of their disabilities regarding job application procedures, hiring, and other terms and conditions of employment. It is further the policy of Never-Ending Grace Corporation to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities in all aspects of the employment process. Never-Ending Grace Corporation is prepared to modify or adjust the job  application process or the job or work environment to make reasonable accommodations to the known physical or mental limitations of the applicant or employee to enable the applicant or employee to be considered for the position he or she desires, to perform the essential functions of the position in question, or to enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment as are enjoyed by other similarly situated employees without disabilities, unless the accommodation will impose an undue hardship. If reasonable accommodation is needed, please contact Never-Ending Grace Corporation, PO Box 13736, Milwaukee, WI 53213, phone 414-430-5800.

The Chief Financial Officer’s salary based on industry standards as well as previous experience will have a starting range between $215,000 and $225,000 per year.  The Chief Financial Officer will also receive the Never-Ending Grace Corporation benefits package (see attached).

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