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Diakoneo Tribe
Roles and Descriptions

“But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.” Deuteronomy 8:18  

“So the Twelve gathered all the disciples together and said, “It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables. Brothers and sisters choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.” Acts 6:2-4

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him…Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,” Colossians 3:17,23

Image by Austin Kehmeier

Diakoneo (dee-ak-on-eh’-o) is the Greek word for “to serve” as in the caring for the needs of others as the Lord guides in an active, practical way.  Scripture tells us that the Twelve gathered all the disciples together and said, “It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the Word of God in order to wait on tables.”  So, they decided to choose others from the disciples who were known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom and turn the responsibility over to them.  That is what the Diakoneo Tribe is all about.  It is this Tribes responsibility to be about the business of creating, developing, and maintaining a wide variety of retail and conference centers throughout our facilities that provide income, as well as work training opportunities for our Sojourners.  

It would be nice to have “reaching out to the entire world for Jesus Christ” as the goal of this Tribe, but realistically, the only way that is ever going to happen is to start right in our own little corner of the world.  House by house, and block by block, our neighborhood borders can only expand after we have thoroughly reached out and saturated each of our neighbors with the love of Christ. Therefore, what must be a very fired-up Tribe is responsible for using every retail and conference setting to assure that at every opportunity we are enthusiastically reflecting and spreading the Gospel message. Restoring lost hope and dignity to the people who enter our facilities on a professional and social level is the essence of why we exist as we strive to lead individuals to an understanding of the Gospel message found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John of salvation alone through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ alone. This critical message can only be relayed when all our retail and conference opportunities reflect the Love of Christ through their settings and through each of their employees.


Critical thinking regarding the promotion and resolving potential objections and critiques, while striving to get the Gospel message into the community is at the root of this Tribes responsibility.  The promotion of retail and service opportunities to the community must not only provide training opportunity for our Sojourners, but must result in necessary sales to generate needed income, with a feeling of acceptance and good will from the community.   

The DiakoneoTribe is structured as follows:  

Barnabas Center (Bahr' nuh buhs) The name appears 23 times in Acts and 5 times in Paul’s letters.  It most likely means “son of prophecy” or one who prophesies or preaches (“son of exhortation,” Acts 4:36).  An early convert to Christianity (Acts 11:24), Barnabas was a Levite and native of the island of Cyprus, named Joseph (Joses), before the disciples called him Barnabas. He sold his property and gave the proceeds to the Jerusalem church (Acts 4:36-37). He introduced Saul of Tarsus to the Jerusalem church (9:26-27). Paul and Barnabas were sent to Jerusalem to try to settle the questions of how Gentiles could be saved and how Jewish Christians could have fellowship with them (15:1-21). Some early church leaders attributed the authorship of the book of Hebrew’s to Barnabas.  The Center named for him is the headquarters for the Diakoneo Tribe.  The Diakoneo Minister, Scribe, Templekeeper, and Clerks all work from here.  Key components of the Tribe working from here include:

The Emporium Centre (em·po·ri·ums also em·po·ria a place of trade; especially a commercial center, a retail outlet, or a store carrying many kinds of merchandise) The term was used for a store selling a wide variety of goods, and for marketplace or trading centers in ancient cities. The Centre led by the Retail Officer develops, maintains, and supervises a variety of retail opportunities offering a wide variety of products and services that not only provide needed income, but also a rich training field in a variety of areas for our Sojourners.  While the target group for the retail settings is the public, the Sojourners also use these retail stores for supplies and services not provided by the facility, as do our staff. Each of the retail operations is not only dedicated to providing unique, quality products and services, but most importantly with reflecting and furthering the Gospel message at every opportunity.  Being aware of trends in retailing while looking for new ideas and products is one of many challenges the Centre has.  Additionally, it must constantly be re-thinking and evaluating what is already being offered.  Selecting Christian artists and crafters to not only display their products but demonstrate their use and creation is one of the keys to keeping the public interested and providing additional opportunity to share the Gospel with the public.


The Emporium Centre also has the Franchise Development Officer who is responsible for exploring and researching potential franchises that we may want to locate at one of our facilities.  At times, other companies will have the perfect fit that will complement and enhance what we are seeking to do.   What they offer will help us to provide a well-balanced variety of retail offerings that will draw the public to our sites.  The Officer also determines whether we may want to franchise some of our own retail opportunities.  

The Marketing Officer supervises and works with the Marketing Staff to create and develop ways to get the word out about all the products, services, events, and opportunities each of our retail settings and our conference centers have available to the public.  Publicity releases and advertising campaigns go directly from this Office to the proper offices at the Media-Tech Tribe offices.  Everything coming from this office must get the message out, without ever compromising Biblical teaching and goals.


Antioch Break Room Built in 301 B.C. Antioch was the capital of Syria and was a great commercial center.  The first gentile church, the mother of all the others, was founded there.  The disciples were called Christian first in Antioch (Acts 11:19-26).  Antioch Break Room is a room at a business which is set aside for coffee breaks, snacks, lunches, etc., and is an area we set aside to host special guests as well as for all the Tribe staff to relax during their shift and/or entertain visitors.

Loaves and Fishes Conference Center in Hebrew loaves means “circle”; in Greek artos; sometimes only “bread.” Exodus 29:23, “cake of bread.” Figuratively, it was used to signify the inhabitants of Egypt (Ezekiel 29:4-5), the visible church (Matthew 13:48), and defenseless people taken by the Chaldeans (Habakkuk 1:14). In Christian symbolism the fish is of great significance. “It is among the earliest art forms and pertains to a period of Church history which causes it to be among the most interesting and important objects in the whole range of Christian symbolism. It is generally thought to be the symbol of Christ. The word in Greek was made up of the initial letters of the words in the article of faith so dear to the early Church, Jesus; Christ, of God, Son, Savior—Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. The fish is also used to represent Christ’s disciples. Secondary reference was made to the command of Christ to Peter and Andrew, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men’” (Matthew 4:18-19).  This Center provides the opportunity for churches, ministries, groups, businesses, and individuals to hold seminars, conferences, workshops, banquets, and a wide variety of other events for a day, two, or even longer.  Solomon’s Grand Ballroom can accommodate 2,000 guests; Moses Hall and Elijah’s Hall each can accommodate 500 guests, Isaiah’s, David’s, and Mary’s Meeting Places can each accommodate 150 guests, Adam & Eve’s Spot accommodates 120 guests, and there are twelve Club Rooms that each are able to accommodate 50 people. (Alpheus son James, Andrew, Bartholomew, John, Jude, Matthew, Matthias, Philip, Simon Peter, Simon the Zealot, Thomas, and Zebedee’s son James) The room combinations available are almost unlimited with a potential of hosting over 4,000 guests for any event.  State of the art acoustical and visual services allow for easy planning and presentation at all events.  We provide a Concierge to each group desiring to use the Loaves and Fishes Conference Center who will walk them through the entire planning of their event with such extras as greeters, ease of registration, audio-visual assistance, stage design, printing of everything from invitations to thank you letters, event breaks, meals, entertainment, and many extras you don’t find at most Conference venues.  People Movers connect people to the over 750 parking spaces in the attached parking structure, as well as the Olive Branch Lodge should you wish to stay overnight.  Baruch’s Business Shop (Print it Again, Scribe) is located adjacent to the Loaves and Fishes Conference Center for the busy person attending of the events!  Ease of planning for the provider, and a totally complete experience for the participant make the Loaves and Fishes Conference Center a unique place everyone will want to return to.  


Pentecost Park with Celebration Chalet Pentecost is the old Greek and Latin name for the Jewish harvest festival, or Festival of Weeks, literally "Festival of Weeks." which can be found in the Hebrew Bible. The biblical narrative of Pentecost is given in the second chapter of the Book of Acts. Present were about one hundred twenty followers of Christ (Acts 1:15), including his core group of twelve Disciples (Acts 1:13, 26), his mother Mary and various other women disciples (Acts 1:14).    A chalet is a type of building or house, native to the Alpine region in Europe. It is made of wood, with a heavy, gently sloping roof and wide, well-supported eaves set at right angles to the front of the house. The Pentecost Park is a multiple-acre area with a large building (Celebration Chalet) available to churches, ministries, and others for any number of events such as picnics, VBS, socials, and other gatherings.   In the park area a fancy summer water slide turns into a toboggan run in the winter.  The children’s area includes carnival rides like a Ferris wheel, carousel, dodgem cars or boats, fun house with mirrors, kiddie-copter ride.  Covered picnic table areas and fire pits fill the beautifully landscaped area.  State of the art sound and lighting systems help Celebration Chalet handle just about any event that a group can dream up.  The Chalet has a kitchen area capable of handling large crowds with access to the outdoor area for meal serving, concessions, etc.  An Event Coordinator sees to it that whatever group is using the Park, their event is a success.


Trials and Tribulations Mini-Golf Course and Clubhouse A test of one's patience or endurance, the question: "Why does God allow us to go through trials and tribulations?"  Answer: One of the most difficult parts of the Christian life is the fact that becoming a disciple of Christ does not make us immune to life’s trials and tribulations. Trials and tribulations come with both a purpose and a reward. "Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. . .. Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life, which the Lord has promised to those who love Him" (James 1:2-4, 12). Located a top our Chariots Parking Structure, there are 36 holes of unique fun and challenges awaiting everyone at this Bible-themed miniature golf course! Take a break from golfing for a refreshing drink and bite to eat at the Trials and Tribulations Clubhouse.


Most of the individual retail operations are headed by a Governor, who is assisted by Cashiers, Salespeople, and Stockers.


Appliance Booth A booth was a simple, temporary shelter generally constructed of tree branches with the leaves left on.  A booth was a temporary shelter constructed for cattle (Gen 33:17) and people (Jonah 4:5). The Appliance Booth sells, services, and repairs a wide variety of new and used small, personal electrical appliances for the Sojourners, staff, and the public in partnership with the Caretakers Tribe.   This is a great training opportunity for the Sojourners, where they can learn a very practical and useful trade while providing a service that is not easy to find in the public sector anymore.  


Baruch’s Business Shop (Print it again, Scribe) (Bay' rewkh) from the Hebrew for “blessed” was the son of Neriah who served as the prophet Jeremiah’s scribe (Jer 36:4) as well as being his trusted friend (Jer 32:12). He wrote down Jeremiah’s preaching and read it to the king’s counselors who took it to the king. A wide range of later literature was attributed to Baruch in Jewish tradition.  Jeremiah’s Scribe, Baruch, handles the complete copy and printing needs for all our facilities, as well as providing services to local businesses and the public.  Black-and-white or multiple colors printed, sorted, stapled, bound, collated, and glued are no problem for Baruch.  The Shop is also able to work with and create graphics, graphs, charts, and a variety of other media formats to enhance printed and presentation materials including the use of photos and photo related services.  Baruch is part of the select few who still offer photo and slide processing, mounting, cropping, reduction and/or enlargement services.  Baruch’s Business Shop also offers all the amenities the up-to-date business or home office might need in the way of supplies.  Paper, pencils, pens, printer cartridges, report covers, and even paper clips are just the start. Staff and residents of the facility can get all their office supplies and needs met here as well.


Boanerges Baubles, Trinkets and Gourmand Treat Carts (Bohuhnuhr' ghees [sons of thunder]) is the name given by Jesus to James and John, the sons of Zebedee (Mk 3:17).  Baubles and trinkets are of course, souvenir items, and purposely cover a broad range of the many things our carts may contain.  A Gourmand is a person who enjoys eating well and heartily – often to excess.  The use of large-wheeled vehicles apparently originated in Sumer where models, dating to 2500 B.C., of large, covered wagons drawn by oxen have been found. These bulky vehicles, carrying heavy loads, required well-kept, broad roadways.  Lively, costumed characters push their carts throughout our facility offering a huge variety of “must-have” items to our visitors.    


Camel’s Caravan Marketplace Back in Old Testament days, a one-humped camel was used for carriage, baggage, and was considered a source of wealth. Camels were the trucks of Biblical times, transporting goods and wares from agora to agora.  (The Greek for marketplace is “agora”).  Far different than today’s malls or strip shopping centers, back when the New Testament was being written the narrow streets and clustered buildings of most towns and villages in ancient Palestine left little room for a public marketplace. Shops were built into private residences or clustered in the city gate area to form bazaars.  Merchants operated booths just inside the city gate or hawked their merchandise outside the gate area from carts in an open space or square.                                              


Imagine merchants hastening toward you, going down to the harbor, to inspect newly arrived cargoes; toga-clad matrons shopping in the best places on either side of you; porters moving wares by camel, on donkey-back or pushing carts; children rolling hoops along the marble paving stones.  Way different than any run-of-the-mill store you will find around today.    And yet, this unique shopping opportunity is re-created every day at Camel’s Caravan Marketplace.  This is a whole new way to shop – some might even call it extraordinary!  A unique combination of features from the absolute best of venues (Art & Craft Shows, Seven Mile Fair, Rummage-O-Rama, Craft Fair USA, flea markets) in a setting mimicking the old marketplaces. A festive atmosphere, filled with vendors in booths or with carts selling a huge variety of items old, new, and gently used items; antiques, collectibles, furniture, estate rummage, unique hand-made gift and craft items, and one-of-a-kind household decorations are just a few of the thing’s customers will find. Artists from throughout the state will be displaying and even creating their incredible work in a variety of mediums.  Merchandise exported through the Fair-Trade Agreement and from the missionary fields – things that aren’t available anywhere else can be found in the marketplace, along with the opportunity to learn about the people that made the musical instruments, beautiful clothing, sculptures, figurines, baskets, and numerous other truly unique products.                          


Customers entering the Camel's Caravan Marketplace will be able to walk through and visit with those merchants and artisans who are displaying what they have for sale.  Local civic and non-profit groups will join the mix offering some of their homemade goodies available, or offering tickets to their church programs, concerts, or other events available.  Prayer boxes and our Silas Patrol will be ever-present.  Wisconsin artists featuring stained glass, glass, pottery, oils, watercolors, charcoals, stone, fabric, and any mixed medium of artwork will abound.  Cross necklaces, pendants, mugs, and other items created in our own kilns will be available.  Music, costumed characters, and the on-going product demonstrations will all contribute to a fun, festive atmosphere, with loads of witnessing opportunities, while providing great buys to the public.  Visitors will want to take the time to browse through the many items available everywhere in the marketplace. Perhaps an artist, visiting author, or musician will be available to talk about their work or discuss their latest project. Like any Marketplace the vendors and what is being offered for sale will change constantly based on the demand and popularity of those items.    Goods from unattended booths will be able to be taken by customers to a central cashier known as the ‘local tax collector’.                                       


Booth space is available for rent on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to those individuals desiring to sell their “goods” in a unique, authentic Biblical marketplace.  The Camel's Caravan Marketplace has a Space Salesperson to negotiate and manage the rental spaces and arrange for product demonstration, talent, and other needs.


Candles of Milwaukee Do you like candles?  Are you searching for your favorite candle fragrances, candle gifts and accessories?  Candle junkies shop for the best brands and want lots of fragrances.  They want to be able to choose from popular brands, or from the newest trends like 100% pure soy candles and the most fragrant selections all under one roof.  Candles of Milwaukee can help you set a beautiful table with elegant tapers and pillar candles.  Candles are also an important part of the perfect centerpiece or when used to create a magnificent looking mantel decoration.  Only at Candles of Milwaukee will you find an unparalleled assortment of colors, fragrances, and shapes.  The candles here have the most delicious fragrances, and they burn straight down without the “wax leak” that can be found with inferior candles. For those who aren’t fans of open flames, Candles of Milwaukee has an entire selection dedicated to alternative home fragrance options like reed diffusers, plug in electric diffusers, potpourri, incense, and essential oils to name just a few.                  


Even if you’re not a Candle Junky, you can certainly enjoy a good candle every now and then; or you know a Candle Junky and want to find something that’s just perfect for your sibling, parent, favorite relative, co-worker, or a dear friend.  Candles of Milwaukee shelves have items you truly will not see anywhere else.  So, if you’re a Candle Junky, or you just know one, you can get your candle fix right here!  


Fin Feather and Fur Sports Stuff   Whether you are a fisher, hunter, avid sports-type person, or just enjoy being outdoors, this is a must stop place for you.  All the very latest in fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, boating, bicycling, and more abound in this store.  The basics you can get elsewhere, this is the place for the unique, the unusual, and the plain useful stuff you forget about when getting ready for a trip to the lake, or into the woods.


Geek Games   Geek is a slang term originally used to describe eccentric or non-mainstream people; in current use, the word typically connotes an expert or enthusiast, or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit, with a general pejorative meaning of a "peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, especially one who is perceived to be overly intellectual".  Although often considered as a pejorative, the term is also used self-referentially without malice or as a source of pride. Its meaning has evolved to connote "someone who is interested in a subject (usually intellectual or complex) for its own sake". Would you like to be a railroad baron, constructing railroads across the country to encourage trade and commerce between faraway cities?  How about settling a new island, trading with other settlers to develop small settlements into thriving cities?  Or maybe you just want to sit down and rock a few qwirkles in your spare time?  If that sounds interesting to you, then Geek Games is where you will want to head.  Geek Games is the perfect spot for individuals and their friends to go and enjoy yourselves with the extensive library of board and card games. Participants can ask one of the friendly Experts who will set participants up with the board game of their choice so they can sit down at any of the open play tables and play to their heart's content. Geek Games Experts are happy to teach whatever game participants would like to learn, and regularly holding First-Time Player’s Sessions that are designed to introduce new players to new games.  The Experts help participants find a group with an extra seat so they can play more games and make more friends.  Regular organized play events and tournaments, where you can jump right into a new experience or rekindle your love for gaming. The Video Lounge, provides a large variety of video gaming entertainment, be it console gaming on any of Geek Games new and retro consoles, or sit down in the LAN Zone and use their computers to play. any of the games in Geek Games computer libraries.  Participants can even bring their own laptops so participants can team up at one of the group tables and use the high-speed wireless access Geek Games has available to play in their cooperative games.  A large selection of board and card games are available to purchase and take home.  The Experts can recommend the perfect game for each individual or help them purchase a game they have just played at Geek Games! Geek Games also hosts events, parties, or get togethers offering totally unique and entertaining experiences.  Truly one of the most unique gaming experiences people can have in all Southeastern Wisconsin!!


Gizmos and Gadgets   A gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function but is often thought of as a novelty. Gadgets are sometimes referred to as gizmos. What a place!  Something new to discover everywhere you turn.  From the practical to the sublime, it is here.  There’s stuff in this store people did not even know they needed for their kitchen, and all around their house.   Gizmos staff is eager to talk about and demonstrate the uses of all the Gizmos and Gadgets.  Whether someone is a serious gourmet, a foodie, or just plain old curious they’ll find all kinds of things to grab their attention.  Gizmos and Gadgets holds cooking demonstrations and classes to show people how to use many of their items as they prepare food for family or those special guests. This is truly the place to find those unique, yet practical items whether to use yourself, or to give as a gift.    


Indian Village Trading Post   A trading post was a place or establishment where the trading of goods took place. Trading posts were also places for people to meet and exchange the news of the world or simply the news from their home country in a time when not even newspapers existed.  A wonderful place that celebrates the original peoples of this country with a large variety of products made by the Indians from tribes and nations across the country but features Wisconsin nations.  Many items are available including moccasins, clothing, instruments, dream catchers, dishes, and an extensive array of jewelry.  Shoppers learn about the heritage and traditions of some of the peoples as they walk among their products.  They can watch demonstrations, listen to music, and taste some of the cuisine enjoyed at Pow-Wows.  Everyone who visits will go away with some wonderful items and a new appreciation for those who made them.  


Joseph’s Storehouse   Joseph was the eleventh of twelve sons, the first by Jacob’s favorite wife, Rachel. His name, “may he [the Lord] add,” was a part of Rachel’s prayer at his birth (Gen 30:24).  As the child of Jacob’s old age and Rachel’s son, Joseph became the favorite and was given the famous “coat of many colors” (Gen 37:3). His brothers, out of jealousy sold Joseph to a caravan of Ishmaelites (Gen 37).  Joseph was taken to Egypt where he became a trusted slave in the house of Potiphar, an official of the pharaoh. On false accusations of Potiphar’s wife, Joseph was thrown in the royal prison, where he interpreted the dreams of two officials who had offended the pharaoh (Gen 39-40). Eventually Joseph was brought to interpret some worrisome dreams for the pharaoh. Joseph predicted seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine. Pharaoh responded by making Joseph his second in command (Gen 41:39-45).   With the famine, persons from other countries came to Egypt to buy food.


Storehouses were a place for keeping treasures, supplies, and equipment.  Obedience to the Lord was rewarded with full storehouses (Dt 28:8 KJV).   Community storehouses could also be used as public markets. Our Joseph’s Storehouse is where all our Sojourner’s and staff can shop for a variety of sundries, food items, some clothing, toiletries, school/office supplies, reading material, snack items, etc. This is a commissary for the Sojourners. The Joseph's Storehouse is managed by a Governor, assisted by a Scribe and Templekeeper, who must carefully select items to be made available to purchase and to control inventory carefully.  Input from various other Tribes, particularly the Sojourners Tribe, is sought and received so that the Joseph's Storehouse can carry items that Sojourners will find useful and practical while they stay at the facility.  All purchases made by residents will be done using the In-House Monetary System through the Joseph's Storehouse Cashiers and Stockers.  


King’s Garden   The primary OT words for “garden” (gan and gannah) derive from a root meaning “to surround.” The most prominent gardens being royal ones (2 Kings 25:4; Neh 3:15; Jer 39:4).  In biblical times, the plot of ground grew flowers, vegetables, and herbs.  Fruit and nut trees were also cultivated (Gen 2:8; 1 Kings 21:2; Est 1:5; Isa 51:3; John 18:1-2).  The “king’s garden”, gan-ha-melekh, in Jerusalem was located near a gate to the city that provided unobserved exit or escape. In Nehemiah 3:15, mention is made of “the pool of Shelah by the king’s garden." King’s Garden offers a great selection of live indoor and outdoor plants to perk up the house, or office.  All kinds of unique baskets, vases, and other containers wait to be filled with your choice of arrangements.   All kinds of ornamental objects abound, just waiting. There is a nice selection of gardening needs year-round for those who have a green thumb, and for those who wish they did.  Fresh flowers abound, whether single (like roses and carnations) or small bunches.  What a great place to pick up some fresh flowers, a plant, or perhaps have one of the staff prepare a beautiful, custom-designed arrangement featuring any number of combinations of live plants, flowers, or silk plants. The garden makes use of the many greenhouses and garden spaces throughout our facilities as well as the aquaponics facilities to provide much of the stock shoppers enjoy. It also sells organic compost from Dung Hill and the Worm Farm.  Home gardeners will love the carts with hand tools, sprinkling/watering devices, and small decorative pots, baskets, vases.


Missionary Worldwide Treasures   Wonderful selection of items from the missionary fields around the world using the Fair-Trade laws and programs. Unimaginably creative items from artwork, musical instruments, clothing, food, and so much more.   
Pinball Alley   Talk about unique? This is an incredible place to be!  For those who may not be familiar, a pinball is a type of arcade game in which a player uses paddles to manipulate one or more balls inside a glass-covered cabinet containing a play field populated with lights, targets, bumpers, ramps, and various other objects depending on its design. The primary objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by hitting targets and making various shots with the flippers before all balls "drain" at an exit usually situated at the bottom of the play field. Most pinball games are divided into turns. The game ends when all balls have ended.  The Pinball Alley has a huge variety of restored pinball and pachinko machines ready to be tried out.  As if that’s not enough, the Alley has an incredible number of old computer games that the visitor can try out to their hearts content.


Reason for the Season   Joyfully celebrates the true “Reason for the Season” with sensational offerings of holiday decorations that cannot be surpassed anywhere.  Step into this little shop and discover that it is always Christmas here…but it’s also more!  Revolving seasonal displays are filled with unique items to help you celebrate the next holiday on the calendar, whether its New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, or a birthday, graduation, or anniversary, you’re sure to find something to help you celebrate in style using the Reason for the Season as the focus.


Sharps & Flats Angelic Notes   Thomas Carlyle once said: "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." Indeed, the images of angels in popular culture often show them making music in some way; either playing instruments like harps and trumpets or singing. Angels seem to love making music, and religious texts show angels exuberantly creating music either to praise God or to announce important messages to people.  Whether you sing, play a musical instrument, or simply like listening to music, you will want to visit this store!  A wide selection of new and used CD’s, DVD’s, Cassette’s, and LP’s fill the shelves for you to browse through.  That’s just the start.  Sharps & Flats Angelic Notes also features a wide variety of sheet music and collections, whether for guitar, keyboard, an instrument, or vocals.  Need a tract?  There is a large selection.  If you are a Karaoke fan…this is the place to rent everything you might need for your event, no matter what size!  Need a DJ, or a band for an upcoming event?  Sharps & Flats Angelic Notes always has a list of contacts available for you to choose from.


Tabitha’s Trend (Tab' ih thuh) is an Aramaic name that means, “gazelle,” and serves as the counterpart to the Greek name Dorcas (Acts 9:36).  Tabitha was a woman disciple at Joppa. She was distinguished for her alms-deeds and good works. A touching picture is given when the widows who stood “weeping and showing all the tunics and garments that Dorcas used to make.”  In honor of the good works Tabitha did our clothing store is named for her. Trend comes from Pastor Reed’s favorite men’s clothing store in the old Bradley Village Shopping Center, Brown Deer, where he worked in high school and beyond – The Trend with Schwister’s. Clothing and Accessories in a retail setting selling both new and used clothing for all ages. Economic factors make the purchase of used clothing in excellent condition extremely desirable.  It also makes it possible for us to offer clothing to those in need using our in-house monetary system.  Relying on donations for the supply of used clothing opens the door for training in a variety of areas.  


Tick-Tock Clock Shop   Enjoy a wide selection and variety of timepieces – analog, digital, electronic, or auditory watches and clocks for every use imaginable.  Wall clocks, cuckoo clocks, even beautiful grandfather clocks are all found right here.


The Way   There are about twenty-five Hebrew and Greek words translated “way” in the Bible.  It is often used metaphorically to describe the conduct or manner of life, whether of God or of man (Dt 5:33; Ps 1:6; Prov 16:17).  In the New Testament God’s plan of salvation is called “the way of the Lord” (Mt 3:3).  The term is also used to mean Christianity or Judaism (Acts 9:2; 19:9; 22:4).  The Way proudly carries a variety of Christian literature, new and used Bibles, top Christian fiction and non-fiction books, current best sellers, study materials including New and used Christian reference materials such as concordances, dictionaries and atlas’, bookmarks, posters, tracts, and some music.  The store also features artwork on consignment from a variety of Wisconsin Christian Artists.  Don’t miss the neat selection of T-shirts, caps, and other clothing items all carrying the Gospel message.  Worship supplies are also available.  The local “prayer board” offers all who visit the store the opportunity to request prayer – and to pray for others.  This little store packs a ton of materials that will show people The Way.


Toymaker’s Shoppe   This absolutely charming shop has some truly extraordinary toys and other things for children.  From some of the most adorable stuffed animals and figures to finely constructed play toys and games, everything here is made to last and to be enjoyed.  A wonderful collection of children’s books is available.  There is also an entire collection of toys that are made to educate and stimulate children’s growth and development at a variety of age levels.  Customers can always try the game or toy to be sure it is what they are looking for.  The little old toymaker has been busy, so be sure to stop and see what he has on the shelves today!!


The Upholstery Booth   In Acts 18:1-3, Luke relates that Aquila, and his wife Priscilla were tentmakers, like Paul.  Paul even stayed with them and joined them in the making of tents.   Hey, when it comes to upholstering, there isn’t anything closer than tent making to be found in the Bible. A booth was a simple, temporary shelter generally constructed of tree branches with the leaves left on.  The Upholstery Booth is part of a multi-purpose project that provides Grace Place Theatrical Productions with the proper “look” in furniture and props as well as maintaining the furniture throughout all our facilities.  However, The Upholstery Booth offers the same service to the public.  Those customers who desire to have personal furniture built, re-built, repaired and/or maintained will be able to stop at The Upholstery Booth to make all the arrangements.  


Way Off Broadway Gift Shop   Even if it is quite a way from Broadway in NYC, if you like things theater, this shop has all kinds of gifts and collectibles related to the theater and a variety of stage performances – drama, comedy, and the ever-popular musical.  Way Off Broadway Gift Shop also sells programs, CD’s, DVDs, and other merchandise from all of the performances and the artists who appear at the Beulah Land Theater and throughout our facilities.   A special Merchandise Salesperson handles obtaining and selling any artists or production-related merchandise.

WI   For people looking for something from Wisconsin, this is the place to head.  Naturally you’ll find Wisconsin made cheese and sausage, but this store offers so much more from Wisconsin. Cranberry products, and foods people don’t even know are made in Wisconsin can be found here.  And it doesn’t stop at just food products, there are a lot of other items made in Wisconsin to be found on the shelves.  And Wisconsin’s favorite team’s souvenirs and paraphernalia can also be found right here.  WI even provides tips on where to go and what to see in Wisconsin – whether for a visitor, or a resident, all the exciting places available in Wisconsin can be discovered. A complete list of Wisconsin festivals, fairs, arts, and crafts shows is available as well.  


Acacia Gardens Cabaret   The large Acacia trees that were highly prized for their wood,  the Shittum wood found in Sinai.  Smaller species yielded an aromatic gum.  The timber was used for the construction of the Tabernacle, and the tent of meeting (Ex 25). Acacias are usually flat-topped trees which possess strong thorns. Cabaret is a form of entertainment featuring music, comedy, song, dance, recitation or drama. It is mainly distinguished by the performance venue, such as in a restaurant, pub, or nightclub with a stage for performances. The audience, often dining or drinking, does not typically dance but usually sits at tables. Performances are usually introduced by a master of ceremonies or MC (sometimes spelled emcee in the U.S.). Providing an exceptional menu of food and drink.  Full-service breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late evening dining with a variety of entertainment always going on.  Those that are older can think of the old days when Shakey’s Pizza Parlor, and Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlors were all the rage.  Combine the energy and excitement of the two, and you begin to get an idea of what Acacia Gardens Cabaret offers.  Lots of the entertainment is provided by local people.  


Agora Food Hall   This incredibly unique food hall has a variety of tasty food spots to choose from.  The common area has seating areas that are designed to comfortably accommodate singles to large groups. Vendors enjoy full maintenance of the common area, waste collection, paper goods, and stocking of napkin & silverware dispensers as well as common condiments provided.  Come on in!  Relax, sit a spell, and enjoy yourself – you’re welcome here!  The food being served from each kitchen is all made with love and care using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.  The selections and Chefs can change based on what you like and order. Rotating Food Truck and local restaurants, as well as upstarts share space with unique spots offering all kinds of different palate pleasers.  Make Agora Food Hall your destination spot to check out places like Around the World, Green Farm Stand, BBQ Church, Dutch Pancakes, Frau Moeller's, the Watering Well, and Our Lady of Fried Donuts.

Eat Meat Butchers (IS 66:3)   A wonderful wide selection of meats…fresh beef (steaks, roasts, ground), pork (chops, roasts, ground, and other cuts), sandwich meat cuts, chicken (whole, cut-up, patties, ground), Turkey (whole, cut-up, ground) and a huge variety of sausages and smoked meats (brats, hot dogs, bacon, snack sticks).  The Eat Meat Butchers carry a wide selection of frozen products – beef, chicken, lamb, pork, seafood, and turkey.  Each day there are specialty items specially prepared and ready to take home to simply heat up and eat.  The Eat Meat Butcher’s also has a small delicatessen that has an ever-changing variety of side dishes to go with your main course.  The custom-made dips and spread will make your mouth water. The frozen pot pies filled with an endless array of ingredients are not to be missed.  


Peter & Andrew Fishmongers   Andrew was Simon Peter’s brother, and they were called to follow Jesus at the same time (Matthew 4:18). The Bible names Andrew as one of the twelve apostles (Matthew 10:2). Like Peter, Andrew was a fisherman by trade; they made their living on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus called to them: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). Connected by a doorway to Eat Meat Butchers.  A fishmonger is someone who sells raw fish and seafood. They are trained in selecting and purchasing, handling, gutting, boning, filleting, displaying, merchandising, and selling seafood.  Peter & Andrew Fishmongers sell as wholesalers to the various food establishments at our facilities, and retail to the public.   They specialize in nothing but the freshest seafood of all kinds with the selections being determined entirely by what is available.  Peter & Andrew Fishmongers have the advantage of being able to market all the fish from our own Zebedee’s Bethsaida and the Trout Farm.  


Opal's Bakery   Using four generations of time-tested family recipes combined with the love and spirit of family tradition, this bakery constantly works to provide quality products with no skimping on the finest ingredients available.  One taste will confirm that you have found the most fantastically delicious pastries, cookies, cakes, pies, breads, rolls and the very best cheesecakes anywhere.  As if that isn’t enough, check out the wonderful selection of gifts, party supplies and cake decorating supplies displayed in the bakery.


General Popcorns Wagon   We don’t know about you, but we love popcorn, and we love to taste it prepared in the traditional way!  The General Popcorns Wagon pops several different kinds of popcorn: Premium White, Big and Tender Yellow, Ladyfinger Hulless Baby Rice White, Ruby Red Gourmet, and Gourmet Black.   This is where the traditionalists head because the popcorn is fresh popped in coconut oil, sprinkled with a little popcorn salt, and drizzled with real butter (if you’d like).  You can choose to have any one of the several varieties, try the cheese popcorn, the caramel corn or have us make up a mix of as many as you choose.  Get there early to be sure you get freshly made popcorn balls, or one of the popcorn party mixes that are made each day.  No doubt about it, General Popcorns Wagon is the place to stop for a real popcorn treat.  


Golden Rule Mart   Another name for “shopping place” is “mart”. At our Golden Rule Mart, “Do unto others” (Mt 7:12) is put into action.  The "Golden Rule" has been attributed to Jesus of Nazareth, though he himself uses it to summarize the Old Testament: "Do to others what you want them to do to you. This store in reality, is more of a food pantry for those in need of food either on a pay-as-you-can basis, or free of charge.  While sales are made to the public, the largest portion of the customers use our monetary system.  We want those who are at a disadvantage to feel more like they are shopping, rather than holding out their hands for whatever is available.  So, we invite them into the store where a large variety of foods come from a variety of sources; Martha’s Kitchen, the Tower of Ovens, as well as leftovers and over-stock from each of our food operations are packaged for sale.  A great place to pick up some great food.


Real Chicago Style Pizza, a Chicago favorite for over 40 years, this is the real deal!!  Using a well-seasoned oven, everything is made from scratch using classic recipes that don't skimp on quality.  The popular thin crust offers the right amount of sauce and generous portions of ingredients, followed by a heaping pile of cheese, cooked to a perfect crispiness.  Looking for authentic stuffed (also called deep-dish)?  This incredible pizza defies description; solid layers of your favorite ingredients, even more cheese, all in a crust that is simply incredible.  Don't forget to pick up some pizza bread, garlic bread, or the tasty Mozzarella Cheese Sticks.


Twisted Pretzels-Crazy Dogs   If you think a pretzel is just a stale little piece of twisted dough, this is the place to head for some startling food revelations!!  We make all kinds of pretzels; twisted, sticks, nuggets, and more, flavored in all kinds of unique ways, as well as good old fashioned salted pretzels (served with your choices of cheese, mustard, or other dips and sauces).  Ever thought of having a pretzel for breakfast?  You surely will, after trying one of the breakfast pretzels.  And that’s just the start. As our name implies, we have one of the largest selections of America’s favorite food under one roof!!  Hot dogs fixed in so many ways it’s hard to keep track, and we are always adding to the list – if you’ve heard of one we haven’t just let us know.


Grace’s Goodies   If you haven’t already learned from reading our material, it is worth repeating that grace is the undeserved acceptance and love received from another, especially of God in providing salvation for sinners. For Christians, the word “grace” is virtually synonymous with the gospel of God’s gift of unmerited salvation in Jesus Christ. Grace’s Goodies uses a play on words (both ‘grace” and “goodness”) that opens the door for lots of fun, gospel driven witnessing, while serving up a variety of on-site eating experiences.  This is one delightful place to visit!  Looking like a combination of an old-fashioned soda fountain, ice-cream parlor, and State Fair concession stand, from the moment you step in the door your senses will go into overload.  The “goodies” prepared right here are simply extraordinary! Root Beer floats, other fountain concoctions, ice cream and custard in a variety of cones, or sundaes, snow cones, nuts from roasted to chocolate covered, trail mixes of every kind, homemade fudge, a selection of candy from when you were a kid, even cotton candy and funnel cakes.  Ever had a caramel bacon twinkie?  Look no further.  If you like Nachos this is the place to check out the largest variety of Nachos you never even heard of before (Italian Style Pasta Nachos anyone?).   Sit a spell, enjoy your selections, or take them with you if you can not wait.  Hurry on into Grace’s Goodies and start making your choices!!

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