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Hospitality Tribe Director

Please note: Never-Ending Grace Corporation is a faith-based organization committed to following the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in God’s Word, the Bible.  Our mission is to treat everyone with the love of Jesus. 

General Job Description

The Hospitality Tribe Director is responsible for coordinating and supervising the overall hospitality operations for Never-Ending Grace Corporation.  The Director is the all-around cheerleader for the entire Tribe, its facilities and its programs and services.  Responsibility includes being sure that all the operations within the Tribe operate efficiently and reflect the love of Jesus to staff, volunteers, Sojourners, and the public - always.  

A degree in food service is desired.  At least 5 years’ experience as a supervisor in a food service setting is required.  Two years’ experience in institutional food service is required.  Strong knowledge of Scripture, with an emphasis on discernment and prophetic insight is necessary.  A current ServSafe Food Manager certification from the state is required or must be obtained within 3 months of employment.  A current Wisconsin driver’s license is required.  Equivalent combination of training and experience will be considered qualifying.

Responsibilities and Duties

The Hospitality Tribe Director must agree with Never-Ending Grace Corporation’s Purpose, Mission, and Statement of Faith, and adhere to the goals and philosophies of the corporation.
The Director will lead and guiding all members of the Tribe staff, providing care and direction through the most effective means possible.
The Hospitality Tribe Director will be able to:

  • Lead Bible Studies and Prayer Meetings when appropriate.  

  • Provide direction to short-term counseling as needed.

  • Respond to crisis situations.

  • Be an active participant in the building of the Christian community among staff, volunteers, and Sojourners.

  • Operate an open, friendly, and efficient Tribe that reflects the love of Jesus.

  • Invite community members to breakfast, lunch, or dinner at least once a week.

  • Monitor food spending to stay on budget.

  • Monitor and assist in on-going training of all Hospitality Tribe staff to complete training certifications.

  • Visit all Tribe sites and operations at least once a week to gain broader perspective of management and activities while monitoring staff performance in serving customers in an efficient and courteous manner.

  • Assist in the planning of programs and activities throughout the Tribe.

The Hospitality Tribe Director is responsible for the work of the Tribe.  This does not imply that the Director will do all things; only that the Director will delegate and watch over the Tribe to ensure ongoing consistent quality and proper functioning of all operations and sites throughout Never-Ending Grace Corporation.  This includes:

  • The planning of menus and recipes for each location; Creating a variety of appetizing items for each of the food operations, breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner; appetizers, soups, salads & salad dressings, vegetables, snacks, main entrees, specialty orders, desserts, beverages, catered events, and more.  

  • Ensuring that meals and menu choices are well balanced and meet the dietary needs of Sojourners, staff, volunteers, and customers; that recipes and preparation techniques are being followed.  Maintaining accurate food production records for the State Education Nutrition Director.

  • Proper ordering, receipt of deliveries from the various vendors, entry into the inventory system, storage of all fresh, frozen, canned goods, paper supplies and other kitchen needs.

  • That all food planning, ordering and preparation orders are coordinated so that food and supplies are available when needed; ordering and purchasing of all food items; monitoring of food spending to stay on budget; maintaining of proper inventories; supervision of the storage of food items in the storeroom, walk-in freezer and refrigerators; purchasing of items for the pantry and special events; and conducting weekly spot checks of food inventory to verify the system is working and accurate.

  • The operation of Martha’s Kitchen and the Tower of Ovens: scheduling and coordinating the work of the food service teams and students; the training of food service workers and students; prepping for the next days' work by slicing, dicing, chopping and removing frozen foods from the freezer; preparation and pre-prep of all entrees; proper set up in Noah’s Galley cafeteria lines with food; preparing foods for special events; maintaining portion control;  ensuring that meals are served on a timely basis throughout the system.  

  • Coordination and scheduling the preparation of deliveries to other sites and operations throughout Never-Ending Grace Corporation; including the preparation of various meat, cheese, vegetable and combination trays, meals to serveries and other hospitality area.

  • Monitoring of kitchen equipment; maintaining proper inventory of all equipment and serving items, as well as regular cleaning and maintenance of all equipment and serving ware.  

  • Continuous maintenance of sanitary kitchens and food serving areas.  Continuous checking of food temperatures and holding times at all locations.  Safe food storage and holding times are always maintained.

Desirable Qualities

  • The Hospitality Tribe Director should:

  • Be able to communicate effectively with others regarding all aspects of menu planning and food preparation.

  • Be able to coordinate and train others in food preparation.

  • Be able to direct, guide, suggest, and teach, intervening only when necessary.

  • Be able to estimate food needs in advance.

  • Be able to expand or decrease recipes.

  • Be able to maintain inventories and order/purchase sufficient food items.

  • Be able to organize time and materials to meet deadlines.  

  • Be able to plan nutritionally sound meals within a budget.

  • Be able to prepare tasteful, visually appealing foods, as well as setting food in an appealing manner.

  • Be able to work as a team leader with multiple age groups, directing work of both large and small groups.

  • Be skilled in putting together nutritional menus and preparing food according to recipes.

  • Frequently ask, “What did Jesus do?” “What would Jesus do?” and “What does Jesus want me to do?”

  • Have excellent organizational and planning skills.

  • Have good interpersonal skills as well as flexibility to accommodate a diverse multicultural setting.  

  • Have good listening and communication skills as the job calls for frequent interaction with people.

  • Have strong decision-making skills

  • Know and be skilled in the application of safety and sanitary requirements of a food service operation.

  • Know of applicable rules and regulations regarding food preparation and nutrition.

  • Know of nutrition and dietary issues that exist today.

  • Know the equipment and procedures involved in institutional cooking and be able to operate them safely.

  • Model Christian values.

  • Not manage by committee, but instead be able to follow Scripture as the guide in making decisions; using the macro-management style that allows for mistakes, growth, and strengthening of ideas by allowing those put in charge to be in charge.

  • Understand that prayer comes first.

Desired Spiritual Gifting: Faith, Teacher, Server


The Hospitality Tribe Director must oversee the entire Hospitality Tribe operation for Never-Ending Grace Corporation.  The first and foremost duty of the Director is to desire to see Jesus reflected in all that the Tribe does.  The Director enjoys every aspect of culinary arts and loves Jesus with all their heart.  While needing to be a great food connoisseur, knowing Scripture and Biblical principles is equally important.  The Director must manage all the staff, volunteers, and students in the Tribe as they plan, prepare, and execute meal service and related cleanup each and every day in a variety of settings.
This position requires the physical strength and agility to reach and lift kitchen equipment and supplies. Working conditions include working in a warm environment and standing for extended periods of time. The position requires the ability to work flexible shifts.
It is the policy of Never-Ending Grace Corporation that qualified individuals with disabilities are not discriminated against because of their disabilities regarding job application procedures, hiring, and other terms and conditions of employment. It is further the policy of Never-Ending Grace Corporation to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities in all aspects of the employment process. Never-Ending Grace Corporation is prepared to modify or adjust the job application process or the job or work environment to make reasonable accommodations to the known physical or mental limitations of the applicant or employee to enable the applicant or employee to be considered for the position he or she desires, to perform the essential functions of the position in question, or to enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment as are enjoyed by other similarly situated employees without disabilities, unless the accommodation will impose an undue hardship. If reasonable accommodation is needed, please contact Never-Ending Grace Corporation, PO Box 13736, Milwaukee, WI 53213, phone 414-430-5800.

The Hospitality Tribe Director salary based on industry standards as well as previous experience will have a starting range between $75,000 and $95,000 per year.  The Hospitality Director will also receive the Never-Ending Grace Corporation benefits package (see attached).

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