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Human Resources Director


Please note: Never-Ending Grace Corporation is a faith-based organization committed to following the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in God’s Word, the Bible.  Our mission is to treat everyone with the love of Jesus. 

General Job Description

The main objective of the Human Resources Director at Never-Ending Grace Corporation is to provide the best possible working environment for employees within the organization. The Human Resources Director will be responsible for all human resources operations, recruiting the best candidates, developing, and managing a team that will fulfill the various responsibilities of their positions.

The Human Resources Director will be very experienced and knowledgeable about various federal and state regulations put in place to protect the rights of employees. The Human Resources Director creates various programs that will help in the compensation, evaluation, and retention of employees within Never-Ending Grace Corporation.  

The Human Resources Director position requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, with a master's degree desirable. A wide variety of majors are acceptable, including business communication, visual communication, business information systems, business management, human resources, psychology, and political science.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • The Human Resources Director must agree with Never-Ending Grace Corporation’s Purpose, Mission, and Statement of Faith, and adhere to the goals and philosophies of the corporation.

  • The Human Resources Director will oversee all aspects of a human resource department, determining the need for additional staff/volunteer positions, implementing, and supervising those workers. The Director will be responsible for developing and managing employment programs such as defining the work responsibilities and tasks for various job positions, developing job evaluation programs, and developing tests for employee assessments. The Director will work in close association with the Tribes in the organization to assess personnel needs. The Director will be responsible for creating reward and retention strategies to help Never-Ending Grace Corporation retain top performing employees. The Director will be responsible for orientation and training programs to help new employees integrate well at Never-Ending Grace Corporation. Compensation and benefit package recommendations will also fall under the purview of the Human Resources Director.

Desirable Qualities

The Human Resources Director should be a people person who is able to fairly evaluate and determine the needs versus the wants of staff and volunteers at Never-Ending Grace Corporation. Organizational skills are necessary, as are above average communication skills.  The HR Director must be a researcher who is able to create and/or find the very best applications and need for each position within Never-Ending Grace Corporation while maintaining above average industry expectations.

Desired Spiritual Gifting: Administrator, Perceiver


The Human Resources Director is tasked with overseeing the entire HR system for Never-Ending Grace Corporation. Handling employee relations, ensuring compliance with regulations, managing budgets, assessing staffing needs, hiring employees, developing and managing training programs and developing compensation plans are all part of the Director's responsibilities.

It is the policy of Never-Ending Grace Corporation that qualified individuals with disabilities are not discriminated against because of their disabilities in regard to job application procedures, hiring, and other terms and conditions of employment. It is further the policy of Never-Ending Grace Corporation to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities in all aspects of the employment process. Never-Ending Grace Corporation is prepared to modify or adjust the job application process or the job or work environment to make reasonable accommodations to the known physical or mental limitations of the applicant or employee to enable the applicant or employee to be considered for the position he or she desires, to perform the essential functions of the position in question, or to enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment as are enjoyed by other similarly situated employees without disabilities, unless the accommodation will impose an undue hardship. If reasonable accommodation is needed, please contact Never-Ending Grace Corporation, PO Box 13736, Milwaukee, WI 53213, phone 414-430-5800.

The Human Resources Director's salary based on industry standards as well as previous experience will have a starting range between $150,000 and $160,000 per year.  The Human Resources Director will also receive the Never-Ending Grace Corporation benefits package (see attached).

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