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How To Apply

Each person reading through our website is a unique, unrepeatable miracle of God.  Jesus loves you!  You each have a special gift that you have been given by God through the Holy Spirit to use to build up His church.  We have been led through prayer, the Lord’s Word, and the Lord’s teaching, to seek people to join us on a real faith journey – becoming a Pioneer in what we have been led to do.

People need to become excited about ministering in practical ways to the hurts of other people.  That’s what it’s going to take to bring about the next great move of God.  Put yourself in another person’s world.  Become part of a place that is a center for hope for every boy or girl, man or woman, every hungry soul, every weary soul, and every person who has a broken dream and needs to dream again.  The secret of ministry is building relationships and paying the price week after week to make a difference in our community.


Did you find a position in our job postings that you think you are the one to fill? Fantastic!!  Here’s what you need to do:


Put together a simple letter (you can compose an email, do a text message, or write a physical letter) that is no more than one page in length.  In this letter we want you to tell us just a little bit about you, and why you think you are uniquely qualified to be the person to fill the position you are interested in. Why do we have you do this?  Just like walking into a church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than walking into a garage makes you a car, we believe each person is unique and has different abilities. We want to give you the opportunity to tell us in your own way about you and help us see you like you’d like to be seen.


We’ll review each message that we receive by the deadline for each position and determine, based on what you told us, who we would like to have fill out an application and start our interview process.  As part of the process, we may also have you do an aptitude and/or personality review as well.  This can all be done online; we’ll give you the links.  After you have completed the application and the reviews, we will determine who we would like to meet and continue our interview process.  We will advise you of our decision shortly after you have submitted the application.






Text:  414-430-5800


Mail: Never-Ending Grace Corporation
         PO Box 13736
         Milwaukee, WI 53213


What are the next steps?


After we have reviewed what has been submitted, if you meet our qualifications, you will be scheduled to come to our facility for an interview.  Come for your interview well rested and relaxed – (but don’t have any drug related help of any kind!).  Be yourself, not who you think we want you to be!


Dress comfortably but dress business-casual (a suit or business dress is not necessary, but swimwear and tongs are out). Just as your punctuality is important, your appearance matters to us – but dress like you. You won’t be strapped into a big wooden chair with all kinds of floodlights pointing at you and be grilled for hours on end, we really do try to make this a pleasant experience!


There will be several people in the room with you when you are interviewed, although some of them may not be asking questions, they will simply be observing.


We start and end every interview with prayer.


Your interview will be broken down into five categories.  There will be seven questions in each of those categories specific to you and working for us (some questions may have a follow-up, or several parts).  No two candidates are asked the same questions, just as no two people are exactly alike.


The first category will ask you General Information, things that will help us get to know you better; perhaps about past work, or goals you have, maybe even throw in some deep philosophical stuff for fun – hey, we have seven questions!


The second category will be Faith Based questions.  We are a faith-based corporation, so that should not be a surprise.  Unless the position you are applying for requires it, we don’t expect you to be a Bible scholar. We simply want to learn where you are at in your walk with the Lord.


Third category will be Work Related, primarily regarding your experience and what you’ve learned as it will relate to your working for us.  Keep in mind that your experience does not just come from a job or school, but from all of the things you’ve learned in your life so far.


The fourth category will be about The Company you have applied to (Never-Ending Grace Corporation).  You want to work for us, so it would be pretty crazy for you not to have read the material we’ve got on our website or sent to you.  We’ll ask you about us as it relates to the job you are seeking.


The fifth and final category will be Personal Questions.  No, this is not where we pry into your deepest most inner psychotic traumas, or even ask about that date of yours that mysteriously disappeared in high school.  It is where we ask about things like your health, how you spend your time each week, your favorite things, goals and ambitions.


Please keep in mind that answers to the questions should be thought through (it’s OK to pause for a moment before answering) and answered honestly.  Don’t make it up, and don’t drone on and on – we aren’t impressed by long-winded answers.  Simple “yes” and “no’s” don’t help us to get to know you real well either.  We are really impressed by shorter, concise answers that come directly to the point of the question.


In between each category you will have the opportunity to refill your beverage, take a restroom break and stretch should you desire.


At the conclusion of your interview, you will be advised what the next steps will be.

Job Interview
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